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Friendly match with Kiti Bowls Club

Tuesday 28th January, Away 10.00am (Cancelled, weather)

10’s League.  Dolphins v Kama home.  Sharks v Kiti away

Tuesday 25th February 10.30

Green Monday.  Fun day followed by a meal at Nameless

Monday March 3rd 11am

10’s League.  Dolphins v Kiti away.  Sharks v Kama home

Tuesday 18th March 10.30

10’s League.  Dolphins and Sharks v Shogun away

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March

10’s League.  Dolphins v Kama away.  Sharks v Kiti home

Tuesday 8th April 10.30

3D Global Charity Competition at Kiti

Saturday 19th April

Mimosa Cup at Mimosa

Saturday 3rd May

10’s League.  Sharks v Kama away

Tuesday 6th May 10.30

Mimosa Bowls Club AGM at Mimosa Hotel

Friday 9th May 5.00pm

10’s League.  Sharks v Shogun home

Friday 16th May 10.30

10’s League.  Dolphins v Shogun home

Saturday 17th May 10.30

10’s League.  Dolphins v Kiti home.

Tuesday 20th May

Kama Charity Cup

Saturday 24th May

3D Global Cup open competition at Mimosa

Saturday 6th September

National Finals at Mimosa

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October

Mimosa Paralimni Charity Cup.  Beneficiaries PASYKAF (The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends) and KEPA (Helping the Poor).  Many of the prizes have been donated by…

Saturday 25th October

Shogun Charity Fours

Saturday 22nd November